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CAPSULE was my sixth film and my second unconventional, full-length film. Running time: 100min. Even all my  filmworks became famous by filmfreaks and ovations from the critics, I never get any money for producing new experimental films. Other german film-makers were sponsored by various foundations, television or the state and made never performed junkfilms   while my films were screening at festivals all over Europe. But i didn’t mind that, lend me at the bank another 100.000$ and began film shooting again and again.                                                           CAPSULE were shot in 3 various rotten, old villas in Germany.It was sometimes extremely dangerous, several ceilings broke down and some tramps and junkies felt disturbed.          
For the first time i used an “Arriflex”-filmcamera and Zeiss-objectives, because of the better tecnic for my kind of filmmaking with permant double or more exposures inside the camera. Some scenes in this film are 5th times exposed in the good old Arri 16S. Beside Marion Hold there were two actors: Bruno Hoffman, a german performance artist and Harald In Hülsen, a former friend of mine.     To reduce the costs, I did everything by myself: I wrote the book, shot the pictures, set the light, made the make-up, especially marions bald head and organized drinks and drugs. I composed the sound, cut the film and painted the filmtitles.

The Premiere 1979 in Hannover was a desaster: from all parts of Germany some so-called experimental film-makers came together to cut abd cry  down my film. That’s typically for Hannover and other parts of Germany, people who cant bear others success.Friends of mine “ The Scorpions”, a famous hard rock band from Hannover made the same experiences like me. In Berlin, at the legendary “arsenal”-cinema, it was much more better: full house, good audience,radio- and tv-interviews, professional critics. Some members of the jury for the  “Berlinale” watched the film and invited it to this festival.                                                                     After the festival “CAPSULE” was nominated for the “German Film Price”, the most important award in Germany. Therefore the “Archive of the Federal Republic of Germany” ordered a copy, because of being part of national culture goods. I never sent a copy, because they wont pay the costs. Poor Germany......

Me at work with my beloved ARRI 16 S, a fantastic camera made in 1954. I suppose it was built for my very special way of making films.

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