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My first full-length-film “PESTILENCE” (84min) i shot in France and in Germany in 1977. The title is a hommage to Albert Camus’ novel “ La Peste”, because i used the basic message of Camus’ novel: “inner immigration” and tried to transpond his feelings between the lines into another medium, the medium of running pictures, called movie or film. To reach this aim, i had to invent a new kind of film: no dialogues, only the pictures are speaking. i am a painter and film-maker, i am thinking in pictures, not in words. i cannot remember names,numbers or formulas but faces, landscapes and beautiful female bodies. My art-movies are no silent-movies. they are undersealed with an experimental soundtrack of avantgardistic tones. The PESTILENCE-sound is mainly composed by the german composer Martin Almstedt, a student of the famous german composer Karlheinz Stockhausen.                    The shootings took place in Besancon (France), a little town i knew of the descriptions of R. Stendhals novel “Rouge et Noir”. We were a small filmcrew: Main-actress Marion Hold (my first wife) at that time 24yo, nature-blond, 168cm, 58kg, depressive, smoker,drinker. Because i dont speak any word french, i had a personal translator, a really cute girl, cant remeber her name, but i remember her smooth, well-tasting body.It was a low-budget-production: only 40.000$ of my own money, therefore i had only a camera-assisent, who was working as sound-engineer too.                     I used a “Bolex 16mm” camera, lenses from “Schneider”, Agfa-reversal-film and a “Nagra”tape-recorder


After finishing the shoots in France, we returned to Germany to have a first glance to the material. I never had enough money to make rush-copies of my original material. I am a “blind-cameraman” without any control about the footage, never knowing if there is something on the filmmaterial or not. That’s really a suspense, waiting for the develloped positive-filmmaterial. Everything was ok, so i could take the other shots in an vacant, old hospital in Germany.Me and my wife Marion Hold lived in a rotten emergency-room 4 days in this spooky surrounding and made the final shots all alone.


After 6 hours of film-shooting without any rest,Marion is a little bit exhausted

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