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Photo from “CAPSULE”. Bruno Hoffman, Marion Hold, B.Inhülsen

During my studies in anthropology in Göttingen my Prof. P. Fuchs (Vienna and Göttingen) send me for 3 months to the “Institute of Scientifically Film” in Göttingen to learn how to make scientifically, documentary films.At the end of this course i decided to start, after my diploma in Anthropology, a study in film. So i did, but it all began with studies in fine arts at the Acadamy of Arts in Berlin.



         My first film:             In 1976 i made an experimental short-film (title: hides) for a vernissage of an exhibition of my former wife. The public was enthusiac about this new kind of film, therefore it took part in the competition of the International Festival of Short-Films in Oberhausen. The director of the Int.Festival of Short Films in Cracow (Poland) invited my film and it won there a price for the best foreign experimental film. Then the film was screened around Europe from festival to festival. Last festival was the “World Film Festival” in Toronto, Cdn.

Photos from “hides”

Me at work

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