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           109cm x 148cm, pastel-painting “without title”. made in march 1976

Worldwide there are only 20 artists who are able to paint pastel in such big sizes, especially my technics in painting smooth backgrounds is unique. I made from 1974-1978 about 30 big pastels and 40 smaller ones. The samller ones were sold in the 70’ for circa 800-1000$ each, the big ones for 4.500$ in the beginning.Later in the 80’ i sold them for 12.500$. In 1983 i stopped all activities in making, exhibiting or selling art.

New electric chair” 164 cm x 108cm   1976

“Hommage a Marcel Duchamp” 168cm x 110cm.  1978

“Big Foot”   166cm x 108cm      1977

My pastel-palet in Berlin ...........                                                                                                                                    ..... a still-life with cigarettes

Besides my pastel-paintings i made a series of art-objects. Above you see the pastel “napalm” from 1977 behind the object “tongue- & lip-cancer” made in 1976. All my objects are sold in the UK, only the following two are in my personal collection.

 “Holy shirt of Trier” (JC’s last shirt) 90cm x 70cm, made in 1973

“Injury of War, no. IV”  90cm x 42cm  made in 1973

The summer of 1973 was really hot.........

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