Job Crogier
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  • i was born 1948 in Vluyn (West-Germany). My half-jewish mother Hanna Liza Croszier came 1946 from London to Germany to teach the Nazis  democracy. One of  her students was my father, a   confessing Nazi. The result of her lessons was me         Hiob Croszier,called Job Crogier.                        1968-1972 i studied Anthropology in Göttingen (Diploma), 1973-76 fine arts in Berlin (Acadamy of Arts) and from 1976-78 film and photography at the Acadamy of Arts Brunswick.                                 1978 first bacholar of Film of this acadamy and Master of fine Arts.        
    From 1977-81 i made headlines with my avantgardistic short and full-length films. official infos you will find under:           ( Lexikon des internationalen Films).                          1981 i was forced to change the line from art to commerce: :i was penniless, cause producing my own films was extremely expensive.Therefore i started a new career as a commercial-filmmaker in Hannover:                                                                      From 1985-2000 i worked as a free-lancer for German Television NDR. Since 2001 im living on Mallorca (Spain) as an author, photographer and painter on my own tiny and hidden hill in a finca named “Gracias NDR”.
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