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 My small collection of classic cars

Job Crogier
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Since 1969 i prefer black clothes, red wine and old cars. 1969 my first car was a black mercedes benz 180b (built in 1958) which i used till 1984, the year when i lost my driving license because of drugs and alc.

                                               In 1994 i bought a 1966 Volvo P121 (Amazon):


This Volvo Amazon is the only one of my cars, which is always and ever ready to be driven. His nickname is “Völvchen” and his technique  is perfect for the old and rotten “streets” in the middle of mallorca.

           Reimported from Texas (USA) is the Mercedes Benz 190SL built in 1958.             He is a real “star” here on the streets and sometimes booked for photo-sessions

For sundays and holidays only, this RR Silver Shadow I from 1969. Also helpful for a visit at the bank to increase the credit line. Must be hidden for the taxman.....

This legendary car, a Citroen 11CV, was wellknown in the late 40’ and early 50’from french movies as                                    “Gangster-Limousine”         because he was the fastest car at that time in france and really helpful for the flight after a bankrobbery. Nowadays his nickname is “Belmondo”

My personal favourite car is this Mercedes Benz 280S, built in 1968. This car was to be seen in several U.S.-serials of the 70’ as the official automobile of mafia-bosses, drug-dealers, bishops, communist dictators and german politicians.

It was a long way  for this original Will’s Jeep (1952) from the quarters in Pacistan via Poland and Germany to Mallorca. Now he has a quiet life here in the sun and big thurst for gasoline: 20 l per 100km

Last but not least, this cute Morgan rep, built in 1984. This nice car was formerly a gift of a beauty-surgeon in Almeria (Spain) to his wife as a pardon for having some nice hours with a client.......             It’s a real sports-car, hard and heavy to drive: you’ll feel the road without filter. His name: “Alonso”, like the spanish F1 driver.            Alonso is the favourite car of my wife Patricia. together they are a real eye-catcher.....

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