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Because I was permanently running out of money (filmmaking is a real expensive thing to do) I was forced to do most of the essentials by myself. On the one side you are well-known as an underground-filmstar (apearing in the” who’s who” as “Deutschlands ältester Jungfilmer) and all your friends and enemies are very sure, you must be rich. On the other side,in the reality besides the glamour, you are poor like a street rat, having no money left to feed your mercedes benz with gasoline.                                                                                                                                                      Therefore i made the posters for my movies by myself. Shot the potos with an old, rotten photocam made in Eastern Germany, the lithos were made in Hungary and all posters were printed in Spain. Dont tell me anything about “globalizing”, i practised it in the 70th!!!!

To make some money, I made several cover-photos for LP’s in the beginning of the 80th:    For Bands like “Alphaville”,   “Cocoon”, “Peter Schilling” “Mythen in Tüten”, “39 Clocks” and other rightly forgotten bands...

But my main interests were to integrate photographs into the medium of fine arts

In 2005 i published my Photo-Art-Book “Kalte Erotik” (cold erotic) in a limited editon of 150 copies only, handmade cibachromes edited by “Son Munar Editions SL”, Mallorca.

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